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Đọc Truyện [12 chòm sao] Chasing Fire

Tác giả: -AmberS-

Đọc Truyện

"Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, they say. But no one mentions that pain is really just a path to more pleasure. No more fear, you know?"

***WARNING: This story contains mature language, explicit scenes, self-harm themes, substance abuse and intense violence.

***CẢNH BÁO: Truyện có chứa từ ngữ trưởng thành, cảnh đặc tả tình dục, chủ đề tự gây tổn hại bản thân, lạm dụng chất kích thích và bạo lực mạnh.

Cover by Adelinato

Danh sách Chap



Chapter 1: Fancy

Chapter 2: The difference

Chapter 3: Get used to it

Chapter 4: Hot guys come back

Chapter 5: I just wanna do bad things to you

Chapter 6: I don't give a f*ck

Chapter 7: The loser

Chapter 8: Fabulous

Chapter 9: Dangerously

Chapter 10: Reputation

Chapter 11: Long night with her ex

Chapter 12: Don't piss me off

Chapter 13: Don't follow me!

Chapter 14: Just a little girl

Chapter 15: He's hot until he opens his mouth

Chapter 16: Do you trust me?

Chapter 17: He drives me crazy

Chapter 18: There's no one like me. And that makes it easier

Chapter 19: The nutritionist

Me, My Daughters and My Sons :3

Chapter 20: We all need someone to stay

Chapter 21: Homecoming. He's coming

Chapter 22: He's got an eagle. Tattooed on his neck

Chapter 23: Runaway

Chapter 24: No guy is worth your tears

Chapter 25: Virgin boy is no longer

Chapter 26: It makes me feel like a f*cking leper

Chapter 27: Go to hell!

Chapter 28: The combination

Chapter 29: Netflix and Chill

Chapter 30: Perfect bone structure

Chapter 31: Closer

Chapter 32: Tryna keep it in your pants

Chapter 33: The feeling of just being numb


Chapter 34: Heart attack

Chapter 35: Trapped

Chapter 36: Stockholm & Lima

Chapter 37: Suddenly something happened

Small talk

Chapter 38: Home invasion

Chapter 39: Parenthood

Chapter 40: Toss a coin

Chapter 41: Not a fool

Chapter 42: Alcohol and soap

Chapter 43: In those bad, bad old days...

Chapter 44: The butterfly effect

Chapter 45: Faded illusions

Chapter 46: Lilac sky

Chapter 47: Either hard as nails or scared as shit!

Chapter 48: A million girls would kill for this job

Chapter 49: Devil with a tainted heart

Chapter 50: Say her name

Chapter 51: No way out

Chapter 52: Devil's tango


Chapter 53: Bad liar

Chapter 54: Paint her body

Chapter 55: Vampire's bite

Chapter 56: The spectre

Chapter 57: Fall into the darkside

Chapter 58: Somebody else might end up being me

Chapter 59: What we owe to each other

Chapter 60: Bury me in the bathtub

Chapter 61: Skin to skin

Chapter 62: Daddy issues

Chapter 63: Ravish me so deeply

Chapter 64: Stay high

Chapter 65: Fragile

Chapter 66: Born to die

Chương 67: Put your arms around me

Chapter 68: It ends where it begins

Love, Sex, Drugs & Death

Chapter 69: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Chapter 70: Bang and Burn

Chapter 71: The final shot