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Đọc Truyện AT&T's overall customer service

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Horrigan, a Boston resident, says that while she's happier with AT&T's overall customer service than she was with Verizon's, she has experienced problems with dropped calls and with coverage on her iPhone that she never experienced on Verizon."Verizon has a better coverage area," she says. "AT&T will drop the call randomly, and since I use my phone for work purposes it is not ideal to lose calls frequently."

Horrigan's sentiments illustrate the difficulties that AT&T could face if its rival carrier were to start offering the iPhone on its network. While AT&T has been aggressively improving its 3G network in recent months, the company could still struggle to retain iPhone users if it became available elsewhere.

First, the good news: AT&T has been making a strong effort to address its customers' concerns about the strength of its 3G network, with its biggest initiative being the roll out of HSPA 7.2 technology intended to significantly boost speeds on its GSM-based network. The company...